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  • Drilling Rig Models

    18kt. Gold Plated Drilling Rig Model Commemorative Edition

    Drilling Rig Model

    Solid Wood Base-Plexi-Glass Cover

    • Our new Drilling Rig Commemorative Model accurately depicts of a modern day "triple" drilling rig with Top Drive
    • A beautiful piece to add to your collection or to give as a gift or safety award
    • This beautiful Drilling Rig Model is encased in a removable Plexi-Class cover and comes with a padded carrying case for safe storage and shipping Made of brass then plated in in 18kt Gold
    • Stands 8.5" tall
    • Wooden base measures 4.75" X 4.75"
    • In Stock Now for Fathers Day!

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  • Tricone Rock Bit Keychain

    Tricone Rock Bit Keychain

    • 3D scanning technology  makes our new tricone rock bit perfect right down to the finest details
    • Machined of solid stainless steel
    • 18 Kt. gold plated cones really make this rock bit special
    • Each turning cone has an individual pattern just like an actual rock bit!

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  • We Have Hard Hat Stickers!

  • Beat The Heat With Chill Its !

    Oilfield Dew Rags

    • "Chill Its"  Dew Rags
    • Hi Cool Performance System
    • When summer heat hits triple digits you know first hand working on rig iron knee deep in sweltering  hot FRC clothing is pure hell.

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  • Wholesale Safety Glasses

    Goliath Polarized Safety Glasses

    Goliath Polarized

    MCR Tribal Safety Glasses


    Pyramex Avante


    Pyramex Exeter Safety Glasses


    Pyramex Intruder Safety Glasses


    Pyramex Protocol Safety Glasses


    Pyramex Reatta Safety Glasses


    Pyramex PMXtreme Safety Glasses


    Crews Rubicon Safety Glasses

    Crews Rubicon

    Pyramex V2 Bifocal Safety Glasses

    V2 Reader Bifocal

    Pyramex Zone II Safety Glasses

    Zone II

    Pyramex Ztek Read Bi-Focal Safety Glasses

    Ztek Reader Bifocal

    Pyramex Ionix Safety Glasses